Once your content has been produced, how do you optimize its impact?

You must first combine your communications tools into a user-friendly and interactive microsite that will be linked to your website. Developing an interface according to the industry’s best practices can take a good deal of time, considerable expertise and a sizeable budget.

POD Media has done the work for you.

Our proposed microsite (Information Centre) will enable you to:
▪ manage and index your content (yourselves, if you wish);
▪ optimize its consulting;
▪ favour subscriptions;
▪ deliver your content automatically and free of charge;
▪ encourage viral marketing;
▪ enhance your search marketing;
▪ increase your credibility (media review, testimonials);
▪ take the pulse of your audience (comments, evaluations of specific content, emails); and
▪ obtain performance statistics (subscription, number and length of visits, visitors’ profiles…).

We have thought of everything…
all we need to do is personalize the interface with your corporate image.

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