Knowledge management is increasingly valued in the business community. And with good reason, as it fosters companies’ collective know-how, the quality of their solutions and their productivity.
Such an initiative notably involves:
• the indexing of key documents and expertise;
• the sharing of employees’ tacit knowledge; and sometimes even
• the gathering of outside information (intelligence); and
• training.

They say Knowledge is power. But within an organization, the saying Knowledge sharing is power is more appropriate. This collective intelligence stems directly from employees’ experience and individual knowledge. However, for lack of time, tools and at times interest, such knowledge is too rarely compiled, structured and shared.

That’s exactly where POD Media gets involved. As corporate journalists, we transform this know-how into intelligible content – text, audio and video. We index it and post it to an Interactive Information Centre to facilitate employees’ consultation and participation.

Unique tools

We have developed a proprietary platform of illustrated podcasts. Whether the information stems from an interview we have conducted or an internal meeting, we edit and synchronize the audio files and image to provide a clear and compelling message.

Why now?

Over the past 10 years, knowledge management has become a must in most large organizations. Several trends (and needs) justify this increased will to transform individual knowledge into institutional knowledge, such as:
• globalization (the need to consolidate fragmented knowledge)
• competition (the need to implement the best practices)
• corporate restructuring (the need to retain expertise despite layoffs)
• economic ups and downs (the need to rapidly react to changes)
• difficulties encountered in hiring (the need to motivate employees and attract the best candidates)

Providing your employees with the right information at the right time is an ambitious yet realizable goal. And in realizing it, you will reap significant benefits.

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