What is Content Marketing?
This strategy consists in delivering to your clients content that facilitates their buying process, their work and even their lives. This information, complementary to your products and services, can focus on advice, solutions, explanations, case studies, etc… as long as the information is truly useful to them. In other words, such content becomes a powerful marketing tool for your company... quite unlike promotional messages that often put off consumers. For more information, listen to this narrated presentation.

Major Benefits
The delivery of relevant and useful information will enable you:
•  (with your current clients) to get their attention and strengthen your business relations, enhancing
    your cross-selling and client retention rate;
•  (with your potential clients) to be found on the Web and in media, be known as an expert, and initiate a relationship of trust with potential clients, driving your business development.

All in all, Content Marketing will allow you to increase your revenues while decreasing your marketing expenses.

Why Act Now?
In the last few years, buyer behavior has changed dramatically. Your buyers aren’t influenced as much by promotional messages. They want to make up their own minds based on their own information-gathering. Therefore, buyers need content that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable. Companies who provide that information will become their industry primary source and will flourish.

The only way to get attention and make yourself standout
is to take on the role a trusted advisor.
All in all, no matter what business you're in,
you're in the information business.

A Few Examples
ScotiaBank offers financial advice; Home Depot educates its customers in renovation matters; Desjardins offers financial tips; Metro features recipes; SAQ discusses wine matters and cocktail; MasterCard offers advice to SMEs; Proctor and Gamble simplifies families’ lives; Dell discusses information technology and productivity tools; Starwood educates travellers; a law firm comments on current events and their impact; GloxoSmithKline discusses weight loss; HermanMiller talks about work, well-being, design and... furniture; Monster.com offers advice to people looking for a job; du Proprio offers advice to house buyers; a continuing education school offers advice to professionals; a dental clinic explains treatments, etc… The examples are numerous. Various Web tools have democratized this approach, enabling SMEs to follow suit.

Case studies:
•  A law firm uses content marketing with great success
•  A manufacturer strengthens his business relations thanks to content marketing
•  To increase our own visibility and awareness, we produced a set of podcasts on LinkedIn (French). Seen by thousands of people, this initiative was a reel success, as indicated by this press release (French).

Many organizations endeavour to improve the communication with their clients. So, how to optimize its impact, while minimizing costs? What topics should be dealt with? What media should be used? Who will produce the content? How to assess the benefits? Developing and maintaining ongoing communications requires specific expertise and time... a luxury that few organizations can afford.

Our offering
We have developed an integrated offering that will enable you to efficiently communicate with your target audience. It includes:
•  producing your Web content;
•  integrating your Web content into a interactive microsite; and
•  delivering your Web content through the Web and traditional media.

Our approach and our tools will enable you to rapidly implement a content marketing strategy based on the industry’s best practices.

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