After identifying your target audience, determining their primary needs for information (see our approach), gathering the information (interview, text, photo, audio and video) from your employees, clients and/or partners, here are the various types of content we can produce:


• Post (example)
• Article
• Press release
• Annual Report (example)
• Email
• White paper (example)
• News bulletin

Your texts must be designed for the Web. Concision, clarity, titles and posts, hyperlinks, keywords – all must be weighed to optimize their impact.


• Podcast
Visual Podcast


A podcast is a pre-recorded audio broadcast that you can listen to when and where it suits you. We have developed an interface combining images with sound - a win-win medium since it optimizes the impact of your messages and minimizes your involvement (recorded live or by telephone).


• Video podcast
• Client testimonial
• Formal video
• Live video
• Editing combining short videos and pictures

Podcast Video

Formal Video

Pictures and Videos Montage

Democratized thanks to the high-speed Internet and YouTube’s popularity, video is second to none for delivering certain messages.


• Power Point Presentation – narrated or not (example below)
• Sofware Demo (example below)
• Website demo (example - services Québec)
• On-line training

Our Web presentations combine text, images and videos, animated and synchronized with sound. If needed, they can also collect data from Internet users.


• Animated photo display
• Photos - Flickr
• Survey

Building the interest, action and loyalty of your clients and training your employees are goals at all times. The advent of interactive multi-format communications tools facilitates the achievement of these objectives. However, your content has to be compelling and engaging, it should stand out. Technology is no longer an obstacle. Now everything is feasible and quite affordable. It’s simply a matter of identifying the topics and tools that will have the greatest impact... and producing and delivering them!

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